This two-day workshop develops skills in presenting proposals to individuals or groups
succinctly & convincingly. Encouraging discussion and handling challenges with confidence,
resulting in time-efficient meetings or conference calls that achieve their objectives.
Building skills in:
Making powerful business proposals using a framework
Displaying impactful body language, building rapport with listeners & using evidence to convince
Overcoming objections, finding solutions, raising the level of thinking
Ensuring that agendas move the business forward
Writing impactful proposals in 20 minutes, that can be read in 20 seconds
Influencing 'in the moment'
"It was absolutely the best session I ever had (By the way, I do not give compliments easily). I would strongly recommend it to every partner at every level." Nader Fallakha Procurement Manager Indirect Starbucks Manufacturing EMEA B.V.
"The proposals I now receive are tight, focused and with a clear output required - it simply saves me time."
Paul Hudson Operations Director Locals North Greene King plc